Cost-of-living crisis appeal launch

Last Thursday night we were thrilled to kick start our ‘Cost of Living Crisis Appeal’ with a launch event at Waddesdon Manor.  

The event, which was kindly funded by donors, enabled us to not only bring together some of our staff and volunteers but also local politicians, other charities and friends. Whilst the launch of the appeal was forefront with a spectacular raffle and auction, we also took the opportunity to celebrate our launch and birthday. What with Covid and all the hard work we have been putting in we felt this needed celebrating – however delayed it may have been!  

Whilst we celebrated the work done during Covid it was clear from all who made speeches on the night that the next hurdle we face will keep us just as busy. 


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As ever we want to help as many people as possible in a range of ways. As well as our advice service we offer free money management training, which can help people to write off unsustainable debt and maximise income.  We have also set up a ‘Cost of Living Crisis Support Buckinghamshire’ Facebook page to help the community come together to support each other through these times of hardship.  

We launched our ‘Cost of Living Crisis Appeal’ with the event, with a grave warning about the plight of thousands living in Buckinghamshire and struggling to make ends meet as the cost of living has risen so much but their income has failed to keep up.   

Whilst we celebrated the work we have done during Covid, with a thank you from The Countess Howe, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant, it became abundantly clear that the evening’s focus was on the sheer groundswell of need emerging, which is engulfing our charity’s staff and volunteers with pleas for help.  

Countess Howe remarked:  


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“We are facing the cost-of-living crisis, which is putting households under considerable strain and leaving people feeling helpless. So, it is even more important that relevant, helpful, and accurate advice is accessed by anyone in need”.   

She thanked our charity for the important role we play, not least how hard our volunteers have worked during Covid to respond to needs across the County.   

 We have seen a rapid rise in people seeking help for debt, benefits, housing issues, and perhaps not surprisingly, relationship issues, as the cost of the cost of living not only has put pressure on household finances, but on relationships as people struggle for essentials like food.  

One mum, whose name we have revoked for anonymity shared “My baby came home from the Neonatal unit at 35 weeks old and she is getting so cold – we can’t afford to heat our home and I don’t know how to keep her warm”.   

Another local father commented that “I am thinking of putting my son in care, as we can’t afford the cost of electricity for his medical equipment. Before the energy cost hike on 1st October, we were paying £700 a month, now it’s likely to double”.  

Our Chief Executive, Thalia Jervis has warned this will not be enough to stave off the crisis:  

“It is important to know that even after we have written off unsustainable debt, arranged affordable repayment plans, and maximised benefits, many are still unable to afford their monthly outgoings so will end up landing straight back into debt again. These are people that are often in key worker roles, like nurses, carers, police, and teaching assistants. There is a systemic problem here that is bigger than any one charity’s response”.  

“We are urging Government to provide more targeted help to those most affected by this crisis, as this can be the only way we can prevent people from the grave consequences of unheated homes and going without meals this winter.” Jane Mordue, Chair of Trustees said.  

Our charity is raising funds for our money advice service to help local people to tackle the cost-of-living crisis. Those wanting to donate to the campaign can do so at the appeals website, where donations will be match funded until December 20th: 

If you require help you can find out how to get advice here

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