Huge marathon success for our runners!

Most amount of money ever raised for our charity!

We were thrilled to have 5 runners take on the London Landmarks Half-Marathon (LLHM) for us year and they did an incredible job!

It was a real team effort with Sue Ashton, who is also a volunteer adviser taking on the streets of London with Chris Smith-Hammock, brothers Jamie and Nick Morris (Whose mum is an advice manager) and Salma Riley Haque.

Together the team raised an incredible £3,657.47. Nearly triple the amount raised last year for our charity and the most ever raised by a challenge event.  

The journey to the finish line wasn’t always easy with injuries and illnesses in the run up to race day.

We are in awe of each of our runner’s determination in the face of challenges and hugely appreciative of their efforts. It really is something when a volunteer who gives so much of their time already to the charity during the day takes on more by hitting the streets to fundraise as well! 

The money raised helps to ensures that the charity can recruit and commence the initial training of a new advice volunteer. A volunteer who will go on to help 200 more people in Buckinghamshire who rely on our services each year! 

Nick and Jamie

As a charity we are always looking for people who are keen to take on a challenge or to fundraise for us. If you are interested in helping please email [email protected] or if you would like to make a donation you can via our donate page.



Sue after race


Chris (1)


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