Pioneering in ground-breaking accessibility technology!

Citizens Advice Bucks has teamed up with Navilens technology to empower those who are visually impaired or have difficulties reading

We are thrilled to announce our launch of Navilens on our posters, leaflets and other key communications. 

We are pioneering in using this technology.  It’s all part of our work making our help as accessible as possible for our clients 

Navilens helps people with sight loss get the information they need. It can also be used to translate printed material into other languages and to help people who have low literacy by reading the content aloud. 

NaviLens is free and easy to use. Our clients can use an app on their phone to scan the colourful code. People needing to read the leaflets and posters do not need to know exactly where the code is located to scan it. The App can pick up the code from up to 10 feet. Once the code is detected, the information is read aloud to them. 

Navilens accessibility

The NaviLens technology is currently used in Spain across Barcelona, Madrid and Murcia city transport systems, making the cities easier to navigate for thousands of visually impaired citizens. It has also been rolled out by companies such as Kelloggs, Coca-cola and P&G to allow users to understand the information that is on the product packaging.  

The using of the codes for information leaflets is a first in the UK and came about following a shopping trip by our Communications Manager Camilla Smith-Hammock. She states-  

‘I first saw a Navilens code when picking up cereal and was curious as to what it was. It is part of my job to try and make our communications as accessible as possible.  Once I had done a bit of research, I knew it could make a real difference to us. Not only does Navilens make us more accessible to those with low vision but it allows our comms to be automatically translated and read allowed for those who have difficulties with reading. Anything that helps us help others is a big win’.  

Thalia with Navilens

The Navilens code has been added to our charity’s main leaflets and posters but also some of our more complex letters that get sent out to clients in a bid to help those who struggle with reading as they can ‘listen’ to the content instead.  

Thalia Jervis, Chief Executive states,  

‘We are very proud to be the first charity to use these codes on our printed publications and we hope many others will follow suit. We are also using the codes in and around our offices as not only can they be used for relaying information but they can also be used to help blind and low vision clients navigate their way around our buildings.  We do need funding to support this rollout, so do consider making a donation to support us and the vital work we do to help people across Bucks at ‘ 

Oran McAllister from Navilens states-  

‘It is a pleasure for NaviLens to be working alongside Citizens Advice Bucks in their mission to ensure that the important information and advice they provide is made more accessible for everyone.  

NaviLens was primarily created to help people who are blind or partially sighted access important and necessary information in their day to day lives, but from our work on transport and accessible packaging, we have now learned that so many more people can benefit from our technology in so many other situations. 


By adding our codes to their materials as well as their offices, Citizens Advice Bucks are showing their commitment to helping and protecting all members of the local community. 

We look forward to continuing this great work with the team there and improving the lives of the people of Buckinghamshire.’ 


Navilens image
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